Pandemic update

We are working hard to keep our clients safe in light of the global pandemic. Some guidelines will help to get us though this crisis with as little community transmission as possible. As always, we are sanitizing rooms between clients. We are stepping up sanitization of doorknobs, railings, seating and other surfaces. We have masks (if required) and hand sanitizer available upon entering the clinic, while supplies last. But we need to take further action to protect all of our vulnerable citizens at this time:

1) If you are sick, please don’t come to the clinic. Call reception and we will reschedule your appointment.
2) Wash or sanitize your hands upon entering the clinic
3) Bring as few others with you to the clinic as possible. We encourage partners or a designated support person to come, but this is not the time to bring extra people to meet the midwife. This includes trying to find childcare for other children if there is any way you can. Our children’s corner will be closed until it is safe to reopen it.

The situation is rapidly evolving and we cannot predict how many midwives and other health care workers will be exposed and quarantined. Our practice is making plans for healthy and unexposed midwives to take over care of clients if/when any of our midwives are quarantined. Midwives and reception have cancelled our own trips, even within the province. We ask for your patience and participation in keeping our communities safe and healthy. We can manage this if we all work together.

In solidarity

Midwife Alliance