Pandemic Update


ALL clients are required to wear a mask in our clinic, as this has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of transmitting coronavirus. If you do not feel like wearing a mask, you may NOT enter our clinic. If you have a medical exemption from a physician, we ask that you cover your mouth and nose with anything you prefer while crossing the public space in the office.   

Unfortunately, due to the unpredictable nature of the pandemic, no family members are allowed into the clinic. This includes partners and children at this time. We look forward to welcoming families back into the clinic as soon as it is deemed safe. 

If you have recently arrived from outside Canada for any reason, it is recommended that you self isolate for 2 weeks. Do not come into the clinic until after the self isolation is complete. Call your midwives to make a plan of care. Do not come to the clinic if anyone in your household has suspected or confirmed covid-19.

We are working hard to keep our clients safe in light of the global pandemic. Some guidelines will help to get us though this crisis with as little community transmission as possible. As always, we are sanitizing rooms between clients. We are stepping up sanitization of doorknobs, railings, seating and other surfaces. We have masks (if required) and hand sanitizer available upon entering the clinic, while supplies last. But we need to take further action to protect all of our vulnerable citizens at this time:

1) If you are sick, please don’t come to the clinic. Call reception and we will reschedule your appointment.

2) Wash or sanitize your hands upon entering the clinic

3) Updated March 17th: Starting immediately, only the client and baby will be allowed into the clinic. Partners and other children are asked to stay home. This is in response to the current state of emergency and intended to keep everyone as safe as possible. All exposures must be minimized.

In-person clinic visits:

Starting this week, we will follow what other midwifery and physician clinics are doing and limit the risk of exposure by having you come to clinic less often. Some visits will be offered over the phone.

One visit in the first trimester (we will book initial appointments for 10-12 weeks), a phone visit at 16 weeks, in person at 20 and 28 weeks, and then more frequent visits in the third trimester at 32, 36, 38, 40 and 41 weeks.

Postpartum appointments will be significantly reduced to the bare minimum for the safely of you and your baby. This includes two home visits in the first week and only those deemed medically necessary after that. We will set up virtual visits instead. You may want to consider ordering a baby scale online to avoid taking the baby to the clinic for weight checks.

Phone Assessments:
We can achieve a lot over the phone including answering your questions, informing you about relevant topics related to pregnancy and birth, arranging ultrasounds, sending prescriptions to the pharmacy, and ordering bloodwork. We will plan to book phone appointments at 15-16 weeks to bridge the gap between 10 and 20 weeks and to ensure that all laboratory and ultrasound reports have been explained. If you would prefer a phone assessment over an in-person visit for any of your other scheduled visits, please let us know.

The situation is rapidly evolving and we cannot predict how many midwives and other health care workers will be exposed and quarantined. Our practice is making plans for healthy and unexposed midwives to take over care of clients if/when any of our midwives are quarantined. Midwives and reception have cancelled our own trips, even within the province. We ask for your patience and participation in keeping our communities safe and healthy. We can manage this if we all work together. In solidarity

About us

Established in 1994, Midwife Alliance has grown into a shared care practice of fourteen midwives.

Our midwives have trained in a variety of settings, internationally and in Canada. All midwives are currently registered with the College of Midwives of Ontario and the Association of Ontario Midwives.

Our midwives hold privileges at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, the Toronto Birth Centre, and also conduct births at home.

We serve a diverse community of people residing within our catchment area that extends from Lake Ontario in the south, to Highway 401 in north, Hurontario in the west, to Bathurst Street in the east.


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