Midwifery care

IMG_1908Midwives respect pregnancy and birth as a normal, healthy process and we realize the profound social, emotional and cultural event birth is in a person’s life. Midwives are primary health care providers trained to attend low-risk, normal deliveries. We care for the pregnant person during pregnancy, birth and for six weeks after birth. We are also primary care providers for the newborn baby until 6 weeks old.

Ontario midwives are trained to deliver care in a model that supports informed decision-making,  continuity of care and choice of birthplace.
IMG_3204-2Midwives practice in accordance with the College of Midwives of Ontario , are members of the Association of Ontario Midwives , and practice using the guidelines provided by these organizations and the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Ontario , the Canadian Pediatric Society  in addition to hospital and practice protocols. Midwives regularly recertify and engage in continuing education to provide safe and evidence-based care.