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Find a family physician

Health Care Connect

Physicians accepting new patients via St. Joseph’s Health Care Centre

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Find a Doctor service: (416) 967-2626

Community Health Centres

 Access Alliance Multicultural Community Health Centre

340 College Street, Suite 500

Toronto, ON   M5T 3A9

Tel:     416-324-8677

Fax:    416-324-9074

Black Creek Community Health Centre

2202 Jane Street, Unit 5

Toronto, ON   M3M 1A4

Tel:     416-249-8000

Fax:    416-249-4594

Central Toronto Community Health Centres

168 Bathurst Street

Toronto, ON   M5V 2R4

Tel:     416-703-8482

Fax:    416-703-7832

 Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood Centre

1900 Davenport Road

Toronto, ON   M6N 1B7

Tel:     416-656-8025

Fax:    416-656-4611

 Lakeshore Area Multi-Service Project (LAMP)

185 – 5th Street

Etobicoke, ON   M8V 2Z5

Tel:     416-252-6471

Fax:    416-252-4474

Parkdale Community Health Centre

1229 Queen Street West

Toronto, ON   M6K 1L2

Tel:     416-537-2455

Fax:    416-537-5133

Planned Parenthood of Toronto

36B Prince Arthur Avenue

Toronto, ON   M5R 1A9

Tel:     416-961-0113

Fax:    416-961-2512

Rexdale Community Health Centre

8 Taber Road

Etobicoke, ON   M9W 3A4

Tel:     416-744-0066

Fax:    416-744-1881

Stonegate Community Health Centre

150 Berry Road

Etobicoke, ON   M8Y 1W3

Tel:     416-231-7070

Fax:    416-231-2663

The Four Villages Community Health Centre

1700 Bloor Street West

Toronto, ON   M6P 4C3

Tel:     416-604-3361

Fax:    416-604-3367

Unison Community Health Centres :

Lawrence Heights

12 Flemington Road

Toronto, ON M6A 2N4

Tel:     416-787-1661


1651 Keele Street

Toronto, ON M6M 3W2

Tel:     416-653-5400


540 Finch Avenue West

Toronto, ON M2R 1N7

Tel:     647-436-0385


1541 Jane Street

Toronto, ON M9N 2R3

Tel:     416-645-7575

Breastfeeding Clinics

Jack Newman Breastfeeding Clinic

1255 Sheppard Avenue East

Toronto, ON  M2K 1E2

Tel:     416-498-0002

Fax:    416-498-0012

Appointment and referral required. Can be arranged via website.

Victoria Park Breastfeeding Clinic

214-1448 Lawrence Avenue East

Toronto, ON  M4A 2V7

Tel:     647-344-5990

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9am-5pm

Appointment required. Can be arranged via website

Toronto East Breastfeeding Clinic

825 Coxwell Avenue, 1st Floor G-Wing (Mortimer Lobby)

Toronto, ON  M4C 3E7

Tel:     416-469-6667

Walk in. No appointment or referral required.

Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10am to 3 pm

St. Joseph’s Health Care Centre Breastfeeding Clinic

This service is available Monday to Friday by appointment only. Please call Childbirth & Parenting Services at 416-530-6331.

La Leche League

Prenatal classes

Jennifer Elliot

is a childbirth educator that offers prenatal classes at Midwife Alliance

St. Joseph’s Health Centre Child birth and Parenting Classes 

Hypnobirthing, Bradley method and other types of prenatal classes are also available in the community.

West End Mamas

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Medical and Drug Information Resources



Poison Control

Hospital for Sick Children 416-813-5900

Link to Life

(Child First Aid Courses) 416-398-5033

After Hours Information

(please contact your midwife as per ‘when to page’ before using these resources)

Tele-Health Ontatio


Medvisit-Doctor’s Housecall Service (8am to Midnight)


Children’s After Hours Clinic (Danforth)


Children’s After Hours Clinic (Willowdale)


Just For Kids Clinic

St. Joseph’s Health Centre

Our Lady of Mercy, 3rd Floor

30 The Queensway

Toronto, ON


Hours: M-F: 10am-8pm

Weekends and most statutory holidays: 10am–2pm

24 Hour Drug Stores

Shoppers Drug Mart Queensway:

125 The Queensway

Etobicoke, ON  M8Y1H6

Tel:     416-766-6196

(Queensway and Park Lawn)

Shoppers Drug Mart Yonge:

2345 Yonge Street

Toronto, ON  M4P 2E5

Tel:     416-487-5411

Yonge St and Eglinton Avenue)

Shoppers Drug Mart Lawrence:

770 Lawrence Avenue

Toronto, ON  M6A 3C6

Tel:     416-787-0238

(Dufferin Street and Lawrence Avenue)

Shoppers Drug Mart Dundas W:

5230 Dundas St. West

Etobicoke, ON M9B 1A8

Tel:     416-233-3269

(Kipling Ave and Bloor St West)

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Crisis and conflict resolution services

Assaulted Women Helpline


The Gerstein Crisis Line


Toronto Rape Crisis Centre

PO Box 84

Toronto, ON  M5T 2T2

Tel: 416-597-1171 (24 hour hotline)

Fax: 416-597-9648

St. Stephen’s Community House Mediation and Conflict resolution service

416-925-2103 x 1255


962 Bloor Street West

Toronto, ON  M6H 1L6

Tel:     416-926-1946

Fax:    416-926-1932

Hours: Monday: 1130am-3pm, Tuesday and Friday: 930am-5pm, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday: 930am-330pm.

Parkdale Drop In and Outreach Program

220 Cowan Avenue, Masaryk Cowan Community Centre

Toronto ON M6K 2N6

Tel:     416-588-3939

Fax:    416-588-8852

Monday–Friday: 9:30am-1:30pm.

Please call to confirm.

Women’s Counselling Referral & Educational Centre

489 College Street

Toronto, ON  M6G 1A5

Tel:     416-534-7501

Fax:    416-534-1704

Shelters for Women with Children

Anduhyaun Residence for Native Women


Beatrice House


Family Residence

4222 Kingston Road

Toronto, ON  M1E 2M6

Tel:     416-397-1318

Interval House

Tel: 416-924-1491 (24 hr. Crisis Line)


754 Queen Street East

Toronto, ON  M4M 1H4

Tel:     416-461-1084 (Crisis Line)

Fax:    416-461-0970

Toronto Community Hostel

344 Bloor St. West Suite 402

Toronto, ON  M5S    3A7

Tel:     416-925-4431

Women’s Habitat

140 Islington Avenue

Etobicoke, ON          M8V 3B6

Tel:     416-252-5829 (Crisis Line)

YWCA Women’s Shelter


Children’s Aid Services

Catholic Children’s Aid

416-395-1500 (24 hours hotline)

Children’s Aid Society of Metropolitan Toronto


Jewish Family and Child Service

4600 Bathurst Street

Toronto, ON  M2R    3V3

Tel:     416-638-7800

Native Child and Family Services

30 College Street

Toronto, ON  M5G 1K2

Tel:    416-969-8510

Fax: 416-928-0706

Pregnancy and Loss

Mothering Your Heart provides compassionate support and community

for women who have experienced miscarriage, infertility, baby or child loss. Know that whatever your circumstances and however you are feeling, you are welcome. Bring your questions, your story, your love and grief – anything you want to share.

We know the strength it takes to get through your days with a broken heart.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Downtown Legal Services

Faculty of Law

University of Toronto

Fasken Marineau Building

655 Spadina Avenue

Toronto, ON  M5S 2H9

Tel:     416-978-6447

Parkdale Community Legal Services

1266 Queen Street West

Toronto, ON  M6K 1L3

Tel:     416-531-2411

Fax:    416-531-0885

West Toronto Community Legal Services

2333 Dundas Street West, Suite 404

Toronto, ON  M6R 3A6

Tel:     416-531-7376

Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic

(also does abuse counseling)


Mental Health Resources

Postpartum Depression and Anxiety services in the City of Toronto

St. Joseph’s Health Centre Collaborative Care Clinic

Room 419, Sunnyside Wing

30 The Queensway

Toronto, ON  M6R 1B5

Tel:     416-530-6717

Fax:    416-530-6774

Major intersection: The Queensway and Roncesvalles

Requires a referral from a General Practitioner or other health care provider not including midwives. Patients must reside in M6, M8 or M9 postal codes and be 18 years of age at the time of referral.

Perinatal Mood Disorders Services:

Mount Sinai Hospital (MSH)

Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Health Complex

600 University Ave. 9th Floor

Toronto ON M5G 1X5

Tel:     416-586-4800 ext. 4568

Fax:    416-586-8654

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Major Intersection: University Ave. / College St.

For more information, email: or call 416-586-4800 ext. 4568

The Perinatal Mental Health Program sees clients at risk of mental health problems or with active mental health concerns who are planning to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are within one year postpartum. Treatment includes medication, individual psychotherapy and group therapy.

Support groups include:

  • Antenatal Support Group:

    Group for clients who are currently pregnant and who are at risk for, or currently suffering from antenatal anxiety and/or depression.

  • Late Loss Bereavement Support Group:

    Group for clients who have experienced a recent spontaneous late pregnancy loss or neonatal death.

  • Prevention of Pre-term Birth Support Group:

    Group for clients who are 20+ week’s gestation and who have a history of late pregnancy loss.

  • Postpartum Support Group:

    Group for clients who are at risk for or currently suffering from postpartum anxiety and/or depression, following delivery and up to one year postpartum.

Catchment: Priority to those who deliver at MSH but will take other clients

Cultural/Language Services: English

Women’s Mood and Anxiety Clinic: Reproductive Transitions

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (SBHC)

2075 Bayview Ave

Toronto ON M4N 3M5

Tel:     416-480-6100

Fax:    416-480-5318

Major Intersection: Bayview Ave. / Eglinton Ave. E.

Catchment: Open

Requires a referral from a General Practitioner or a midwife.

Women’s College Hospital

76 Grenville Street

Toronto, ON M5S 1B2

Mother Matters

To be eligible you must:

  • Be a mother to at least one infant who is younger than 1 year
  • Have access to a computer and proficiency navigating the web
  • Register with Mother Matters and Women’s College Hospital
  • Be a resident of Ontario
  • Read and agree with our informed consent
  • Complete a few short questionnaires online and meet the criteria as assessed by our screening measures

Reproductive Life Stages Program

This specialized program in the Department of Psychiatry at Women’s College Hospital provides assessment and short-term treatment for women experiencing new or recurrent mental health problems, including anxiety, depression, mania and psychosis during the reproductive life stages (such as menstrual cycle, pregnancy, postpartum and the menopausal transition).

Queer Family Resources In Toronto

For the purposes of this section, we use the term “queer” in a positive and affirming way to acknowledge the varieties of ways we express gender, sexuality, family building and relationships. Becoming a parent can be an exciting and vulnerable journey. Here are a few resources to help you on your way.

LGBTQ Parenting Connection Network

Sherbourne Health Centre

333 Sherbourne Street

Toronto, ON  M5A 2S5

Tel: 416-324-4180

The 519 Church Street Community Centre‎

519 Church Street

Toronto, ON  M4Y 2C9

Tel:     416-392-6874

Fax:    416-392-0519

Birthing Papas

Pregnant Men’s Resource Network

Family Services Toronto:

The David Kelley LHBTQ Counseling Program

Toronto Pride/Family Pride



2 Spirited People of the 1st Nations

Services for Young Mothers and Families

These reources will be helpful in your pregnancy, after the baby is born and as a new parent. This is by no means a complete list nor specifically endorsed by our clinic.

Jessie’s Place:

June Callwood Centre for Women and Families

205 Parliament Street

Toronto, ON  M5A 2Z4

Tel:     416-365-1888

Fax:    416-365-1944

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Humewood House

40 Humewood Drive

Toronto, ON  M6C 2W4

Tel:     416-651-5657

Fax:    416-654-3670

Massey Centre for Women

1102 Broadview Avenue

Toronto, ON  M4K 2S5

Tel:     416-425-6348

Fax:    416-425-4056

Planned Parenthood Toronto

36 Prince Arthur Avenue

Toronto, ON M5R 1A9

Tel:     416-961-0113

Fax:    416-961-2512

Robertson House

291 Sherbourne Street

Toronto, On   M5A 2R9

Tel:     416-392-5662

Rosalie Hall

3020 Lawrence Avenue East

Scarborough, ON    M1P 2T7

Tel:     416-438-6880

Fax:    416-438-2457

Sexuality and health community resources

These resources will be helpful in your pregnancy, after the baby is born and as a new parent. This is by no means a complete list nor specifically endorsed by our clinic.

Planned Parenthood Toronto (13-25 years old)

36 Prince Arther Avenue

Toronto, ON  M5R 1A9

Tel:     416-961-0113

AIDS and Sexual Health Info Line

416-392-2437 or 1-800-668-2437

Asian Canadian AIDS Services

Shout clinic

(for street involved youth under 25)

168 Bathurst Street

Toronto, ON  M5V 2R4

Tel:     416-927-8553

Choice in Health Clinic

1678 Bloor Street West

Toronto, ON  M6P 1A9

Tel:     416-975-9300

Endometriosis Network


The Phoenix Association

(Herpes Support Group)


Rainbow Health Ontario

Sherbourne Health Centre (LGBTQ)

333 Sherbourne Street

Toronto, ON  M5A 2S5

Tel:     416-324-4100 ext.5219

Birth Control and Sexual Health Centre*

960 Lawrence Avenue West, Suite 403

Toronto, ON  M6A 3B5

Tel:     416-789-4541

Hours (by appointment only): Monday 2pm-5pm; Tuesday 4pm-7pm; Wednesday 12pm-5pm; Thursday 5pm-8pm; Friday 12:30pm-4:30pm

*Anonymous HIV testing, including rapid HIV test.

Black Creek Community Health Centre* (Sheridan Mall site)

2202 Jane Street, Unit 5

Toronto, ON  M3M 1A4

Tel: 416-249-8000

Hours (by appointment only): Tuesday 3pm-4pm

Hours (drop-in only): Tuesday 4pm-6 pm

Black Creek Community Health Centre* (Yorkgate Mall site)

1 York Gate Boulevard, Suite 202

Toronto, ON  M3N 3A1

Tel:     416-246-2388

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Hours (drop-in only): Wednesday 1pm-4:30pm

*New clients arrive before 4pm.

Crossways Clinic*

2340 Dundas Street West

Toronto, ON  M6P 4A9

Tel: 416-392-0999

Hours (drop-in only): Monday 9:30am-12pm and 2pm-6:30pm; Tuesday 1pm-5:30pm; Wednesday 9:30am-11:30am and 1pm-3:30pm; Thursday 12pm-4pm; Friday 9:30am-12 pm

*Rapid HIV testing is available.

Flemingdon Health Centre* (The Gate)

10 Gateway Boulevard

Toronto, ON  M3C 3A1

Tel:     416-429-4991

Hours (drop-in only): Monday and Thursday 3pm-5pm

*New clients arrive before 4:30 pm.

Hassle Free Clinic* (Men/Trans Clinic)

66 Gerrard Street East, 2nd Floor

Toronto, ON  M5B 1G3

Tel:     416-922-0566

Hours (drop-in only): Monday and Wednesday 4pm-8pm; Tuesday and Thursday 10am-3pm; Friday 4pm-7pm; Saturday 10am-2pm

*Anonymous HIV testing, including rapid HIV test. All anonymous HIV tests are done by appointment only.

Hassle Free Clinic* (Women/Trans Clinic)

66 Gerrard Street East, 2nd Floor

Toronto, ON  M5B 1G3

Tel:     416-922-0566

Hours (drop-in only): Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am-12pm; Tuesday and Thursday 4pm-7pm

Hours (by appointment only): Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10pm-3pm; Tuesday and Thursday 6pm-8pm

*Anonymous HIV testing, including rapid HIV test. All anonymous HIV tests are done by appointment only.

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Vaccine

Sunnybrook Health Science Centre

4th Floor, M-Wing

2075 Bayview Avenue

Toronto, ON  M4N 3M5

Tel:     416 480-5367

By appointment: Wednesday: 1pm-3pm (every other Wednesday), $160 per shot of vaccine (you will need 3 shots)

Immigrant Women’s Health Centre*

489 College Street, Suite 200

Toronto, ON  M6G 1A5

Tel:     416-323-9986

Hours (drop-in only): Monday and Tuesday 10am-6pm; Wednesday 2pm-8pm; Thursday 10am-2pm

*Please arrive at least 1 hour before the end of clinic time.

Jane Street Clinic*

662 Jane Street

Toronto, ON  M6N 4A7

Tel:     416-338-7272

Hours (drop-in only): Wednesday 2pm-6:30pm; Thursday 9:30am-11:30am and 1pm-4pm

*Rapid HIV testing is available.

Rexdale Community Health Centre*

8 Taber Road

Toronto, ON  M9W 3A4

Tel:     416-744-0066

Hours (by appointment only): Wednesday 1pm-5:30pm

*Anonymous HIV testing, including rapid HIV test.

Scarborough Sexual Health Clinic*

160 Borough Drive

Toronto, ON  M1P 4N8

Tel:     416-338-7438

Hours (by appointment only): Wednesday 9:30am-12 pm; Thursday 9am-11:30 am

Hours (drop-in only): Monday 9:30am-12pm and 2pm-6:30pm; Tuesday and Thursday 1pm-3:30pm; Wednesday 2pm-6:30pm; Friday 9:30am-12pm

*Rapid HIV testing is available.

Special Treatment Clinic

790 Bay Street, 8th Floor

Toronto, ON  M5G 1N8

Tel:     416-351-3800 x2207

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Hours (drop-in only): Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 5pm-7pm

Talbu Community Health Centre

27 Tapscott Road

Toronto, ON M1B 4Y7

Tel: 416-644-3536

Hours (by appointment only): Tuesday 2:30pm-6:30pm

The Talk Shop*

5110 Yonge Street

Toronto, ON  M2N 6M1

Tel: 416-338-7000

Hours (drop in only): Monday and Thursday 2pm-6:30pm; Wednesday 9:30am-11:30am and 1pm-3:30pm

*Rapid HIV testing is available.

Alternative Health Care Providers

Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute

College of Chiropractors of Ontario

College of Massage Therapists

CAPPA Canada

Homeopathic Medical Council of Canada

College of Naturopaths of Ontario

Public Health and Government Resources

Healthy Babies, Healthy Children

Ontario Early Years Centre

Service Ontario

Toronto Public Health – Child and Family Health


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Food Banks

416 Community Support for Women – Drop In

Salvation Army

The Stop Community Food Centre

Yonge Street Mission/The Christian Community Centre

Daily Bread Food Bank

Cultural Community Agencies

Anishnawbe Health Toronto

Canadian African Newcomer Aid Centre of Toronto


Canadian Red First Contact Ontario

Catholic Cross Cultural Services

Centre for Spanish Speaking Peoples

Council Fire Native Cultural Centre

Ethiopian Association in Toronto

Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre

Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre – Mother’s Group

Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

Silayan Community Centre

Somali Immigrant Aid Organization of Toronto

Settlement Assistance & Family Support Services

South Asian Women’s Centre

South East Asian Services Centre


Tamil Eelam Society of Canada


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Special Needs Groups

Autism Ontario


Bereaved Families of Ontario


Cystic Fibrosis Foundation


Canadian Hearing Society


Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)


Down’s Syndrome Association of Toronto


Epilepsy Toronto


Easter Seal’s Society


Extend-A-Family (children with special needs)


Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario


Other Numbers

Service Ontario Info Line


Passport Canada


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